Both transformers and reactors are designed, built and tested according to the customer needs and requirements, with respect for applicable regulations.

Customer care

Efficiency and punctuality

We see each customer as unique, just as the product we provide them with is unique. Our technical staff are at our customers’ disposal to create personalized product solutions.

Additional tests upon request

We can carry out additional tests on our prototypes. These state of the art tests are compliant with the applicable regulations and are useful for assessing the design in actual use conditions of uninterruptible power supply components, harmonic filters and power-factor correction systems.

Real working conditions

UPS load simulation (Test on the transformers used within the UPS with non-linear load)

Load Simulation by Inductance with Presence of Harmonics (Test on inductors for PFC, filters and harmonic block, UPS, inverters and converters)    

Resistive Load