EMG® inductors for low voltage are used in devices for the production of clean energy, such as wind or photovoltaic energy, as well as in inverters and power correction systems

Quality and safety, first of all

The prototypes are further controlled thanks to the additional tests.We check that all our inductors respect the applicable regulations and laws in the electrical field.

Declaration of Conformity and homologations

As well as complying with the EN 60289 regulation, EMG® inductors are homologated cCSAus, therefore can be marketed and sold across North America. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) checks and certifies that the products are compliant with the applicable standards in terms of safety and/or performance and it is the main mark in Canada. UL is the certifying mark for the United States of America. Thanks to an agreement with UL, CSA certifies the compliance of a product with all the applicable regulations for both the American and Canadian markets. This compliance is indicated by the cCSAus mark - featured by our inductors. 


Our products are highly customisable, therefore the descriptive parameters indicated in the catalogue are provided as a guide. According to the customer needs, the data is adapted to the desired product type.

  • Strenght
  • Insulation resistence
  • Voltage drop
  • Windings resistance
  • Dimensions
  • Temperature rise measurement with the resistance variation method as envisaged by CEI EN 60076-6 legislation
  • Leaks in short-circuit
  • Measurement of the saturation curve
    • Harmonic distortion test to check the real working conditions of our inductors 

    • We short-circuit the inductor and supply it with highly partialised voltage so that the nominal current can circulate. This current is notably distorted: the average THDi value recorded is 45-50%. The high voltage partialisation tends to put the magnetic circuit under strain and to highlight any noise problems that would not be detected at 50 Hz frequency

    • Tests on inductors for PFC, filters and harmonic blocks, UPS, inverter and converter

The EMG® inductors are tailored-made solutions, depending on technical requirements, uses, applicable rules and standards, as well as technical feasibility.

Number of phases

Maximum nominal voltage 


 Insulation class 


 Protection level 

 Maximum room temperature 


 Compliant to regulations

1 (singlephase) / 3 (three-phase) 

 999V (600V products homologated for North-America) 

 50 / 60 Hz, on request other frequency 

 F / H 

 cable terminals / bars, on request other connections 

 IP00, on request other protection level

 Ta = 40°C, on request other temperatures 

 up to 1000 m 

 EN 60989 - EN 60076 - EN 61558


Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Railway system (on the machines and signals)

Galvanic units

Power electronic
Wind-powered generator (armonic filters)
Engine (limitation of the start-up current)




 Maximum Insulation Voltage 

 Thermal sensor 

 Connections standard 

 on request 

Insulation class 

 Resin impregnated 

 Protection level 

 Maximum room temperature 

 Maximum overtemperature 

 Air cooling 

 Simulation test

on request or technical specification 

 horizontal / vertical 

 on request or technical specification 

none/ type PTC / NC thermal contact 

 cable terminals 

 Copper / Aluminium bars 

 Termoplastic terminals 

 Customised screw terminal board 

Weidmueller, Synflex, Phoenix clamps 

 Pre-wiring ending wires 

F / H 

 no / yes 

 IP00, on request other IP (e.g. box)

 Ta = 40°C, or on request 

 on request or technical specification 

 natural air / forced air o

on request or technical specification

The use of resin impregnated reactors allows to have high insulation levels of 30 kV, hence passing the water immersion test. This type of reactor is used in environments with a high level of humidity, condensation or dust, which is typical of railway applications

Not only EMG® products are highly customisable depending on application field in which they are used (railway industry, renewable energy production system, etc.), depending on the most various needings, thank to countless options for customization.



Homologation for North America

File 228479

Reference regulation CSA C22.2 N°66/06

Reference regulation UL 5085

Number of phases

Maximum nominal voltage 

Working frequency 

Insulation class


Maximum working current

Protection level

3 (three-phase)


  50 / 60 Hz

  F /H